Group Volunteer Opportunities

Are you looking to engage your team and support your community? We are welcoming groups back to volunteer at our Hub location.

If your group is interested in volunteering with us, please create an account.

There are 2 options for your team to volunteer

Micro Group Volunteering

(Option #1)
Allows everyone on your team to rotate through volunteering while maintaining a strong presence at the office. By choosing a specific weekly schedule your team is paired in teams of two, multiplied out to a maximum sustainable capacity of your team.

  • For example, teams of 2, 4 or 6 will cover a specific weekly volunteer shift.

Larger Group Volunteering

(Option #2)
Allows a group of 10 people to volunteer.

  • If open positions exist, we can fit a couple more people in.


  • Kitchen Duties: Assist with basic food preparation and cleaning as per instructions from the supervising staff.
  • Distribution Duties: Sorting, portioning, and packaging fresh produce and non-perishable items to be given out at our food banks.


  • Monday to Friday
    (Closed Wednesday Afternoons/Weekends)
    9:00 AM to 12PM
    1 PM to 2:30 PM

Group Size

  • The maximum capacity for groups will be 10 participants.*Participants will be divided between our departments as needed.


  • The Hub, 5 McLachlan Drive, Etobicoke, ON (Hwy 27 and Dixon)


  • Although we are grateful for any financial donations your organization may provide, it is not mandatory to volunteer.

Thank you for your support!