We Demonstrate God’s Love.
We Inspire Kids To Reach Their Full Potential.
We Allow Christ To Transform Their Lives.

Why Do We Exist?

As the Bible tells us in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He GAVE His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.” At camp, we love to see the roughly 600 kids that come through each summer have tons of fun through participating in activities, meeting great people, and singing silly songs at campfire. Above all, though, our greatest joy is to see kids come to know and experience the great love, displayed through the Gospel, that God has for each one of them!

If you are curious and would like to know more about the Bible and the message of God’s great love, check out this video below from the Bible Project. They are an awesome ministry that seeks to communicate the message of the Bible through creative videos and storytelling.

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We Empower Our Guests To Reach
Their Full Potential By…

  • Offering them an opportunity to make a decision about their faith
  • Helping them recognize who they are in Christ
  • Promoting increased self-esteem
  • Providing leadership opportunities
  • Teaching them to learn and develop life skills
  • Integrating them into a multi-cultural community
  • Providing families with support and resources


Anyone who has ever been to Scott Mission Camp can testify that it is a special place. Since it began in the 1920’s, and since it landed at its current location in 1957, Scott Mission Camp has blessed countless families with the opportunity to send their kids to camp by lowering the financial barriers that can often exist due to the expensive nature of most summer camps.

Every year that SMC runs is another tangible display of God’s faithfulness and love for each child who gets to enjoy an amazing, fun-filled week away from the city. As you can imagine, the cost of running such a large camp, which employs almost 50 staff each summer and accommodates just under 100 new kids each week, is quite high! In order to offer a camp experience that is almost 95% subsidized, we rely on the Lord every year to provide funds through our amazing donors!


We have a dedicated team of staff who seek to love God and love people in all that we do. During the year, we have 3 full-time staff who run our year-round youth groups, youth retreats, reunions, and also our retreat center. In the summer, we have a total of about 50 staff, from counsellors to kitchen assistants, who work to make camp happen.



“Only eternity will tell the number of lives changed through the camp ministry. Perseverance, trusting in the God who promised to provide, and the confirmation of the worthwhileness of camping experiences has kept the camp operating. Regardless of the quality of commitment of a camper’s parents, or the camper’s lack of preparedness to come to camp, each child has received a fulfilling holiday, and heard the Gospel, placing with that child unforgettable memories and ethics to build on. We have invested in the future of thousands of boys and girls, many of whom have become productive citizens in their community. Thanks be to God.”
-Annie Zeidman (one of the founders of Scott Mission)


The history of Scott Mission Camp, like Scott Mission itself, can be traced back to the early 1900s. The camp went throughout a number of versions before it got to the one we have today. Though initially conducted at various locations, by 1920, Scott Institute had acquired two cottages in Grimsby Beach. These cottages were small, primitive, and there were difficult times ahead, but the Lord used them for His purpose.


The 30s brought many European refugees to Canada. While the Scott Institute (former name of Scott Mission) served their needs during the winter, the camp was a place of rest and respite in the summer. Songs were sung at night in the covered dining area; evenings were a time for everyone to gather for hymns, choruses, and Bible talks.


The 40s brought the founding of The Scott Missions and with it the need for a new camp; Mioss Catherine Carmichael offered the Mission a property in Hillsburgh, Ontario. The property was small, about two acres, and consisted of an old house and a small barn. Miss Carmichael was certain that this was God’s will, but faced a lot of opposition from neighbours, her family, and her lawyers. She stood firm and plans were made for the summer. On May 24th of that year, just a short time before camp was slated to begin, there was a large fire in the house, burning the front half of the house. A needlepoint reading, “The Lord Will Provide,” survived the fire and now hangs in the Chapel at the Caledon camp. This needlepoint gave perspective to the fire and to the task at hand. A bunkhouse was built, an outhouse extended and the camp was ready for campers by summer. Over the years, running water and electricity were added to the house.


By 1957, the growing number of campers attending Scott Mission Camp prompted the need to acquire a larger property. In light of this need, Scott Mission obtained the almost 100-acre property in Caledon that remains the current location of Scott Mission Camp. This property has changed significantly over the years. Where meals were once cooked and eaten in the house and campers slept in the barn, the camp has expanded to house six girls’ cabins and six boys’ cabins on separate hills. Meals are now cooked and eaten in the beautifully renovated barn. A pond was added to the property to accommodate canoeing. An in-ground swimming pool was built, and free swim remains a popular daily activity for campers. Hundreds of seedlings have also been planted to expand the rich pine and hardwood forests that stretch over this large property.


Scott Mission Camp is part of the larger Scott Mission Organization, which is primarily known for serving the homeless population in downtown Toronto.

God has blessed the Mission abundantly over the past 75+ years. This has enabled the Mission to continue serving those in need in numerous different ways. The overall goal of the Mission is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord and Master in faith and through effective stewardship, putting the spirit of Christ into concrete, positive action through well-rounded spiritual and social services to men, women, and children where there is a defined need and as means are provided.

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