Frequently Asked Questions

Am I guaranteed a volunteer opportunity?
All applications will be reviewed and the applicants that meet our needs and requirements will be contacted. The Scott Mission reserves the right to not place an applicant unable to fulfill the duties associated with the positions. All other applications will be kept for 6 months and contacted if a suitable position becomes available.

Is there a time commitment to volunteer?
We are looking for compassionate volunteers who can commit to 1 shift per week (2 to 4 hours) for a minimum of a four-month period.

May I volunteer in more than one department or sign up for more than one shift per week?
We recommend that our new volunteers begin with one shift in one department. Once we see that you can fulfill your duties, we can consider other opportunities, based on availability.

What is the minimum age requirement to volunteer?
All our volunteers need to be 14 years of age and above to volunteer. Parental consent will have to be given to volunteers 14 to 18 years old.

Students can complete the required 40 hours of community service with us, they will need to bring their paperwork to be signed.

Note: For other volunteers requiring a reference letter, it will be provided after a minimum of 35 hours of service.

Do I need to speak English to volunteer?
Our volunteers who will interact with the public will need an upper intermediate level of proficiency. Other positions will require a basic intermediate understanding of the English language in the case of an emergency. (Any additional languages would be an asset)

Do you offer an internship/field placement program for students?
The Scott Mission does not have an internship program, but we can provide students with valuable learning experiences. If your program coordinator finds volunteering with us satisfactory for your program, we will provide you with a signed letter verifying the completion of your volunteer hours.

Do you have evening and weekend volunteering?
Our greatest need for volunteers is during working hours. Limited shifts are available on evenings and weekends. Some evening and weekend shifts require volunteers to be 18+.

Can anyone drop by and volunteer?
All participants must apply and be scheduled for shifts to volunteer with the Scott Mission.