If you want to send your child to an affordable, week-long overnight camp on a beautiful property where they will experience tons of fun and learn about the amazing love of Jesus, then you're in the right place!

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Located about one hour northwest of downtown Toronto, Scott Mission Camp is situated near the beautiful town of Caledon on 100 acres of rolling hills, forests, and meadows.

Scott Mission Camp runs through the months of July and August. We offer five week-long (Monday to Saturday morning) overnight camps for children ages 8 to 14, as well as a special youth week (ages 15 to 17) and a young adults weekend retreat (ages 18 to 20). Every day of camp is filled with games and activities led by our amazing counsellors and program team, great meals cooked by our dedicated kitchen staff, and awesome opportunities to learn about God’s love through daily Bible lessons and the beauty of creation that is all around.


AGES 8 TO 14







Session 1 – July 4th – 9th
Session 2 – July 11th – 16th
Session 3 – July 18th – 23rd
Session 4 – August 1st – 6th
Session 5 – August 8th – 13th


AGES 15 TO 17


July 25th – 30th


AGES 18 TO 20


August 19th – 21st

Camp Activities

At Scott Mission Camp, the fun never ends! We offer a wide range of activities each day for campers to choose from. Each activity is divided according to age group so both younger and older campers can participate at their own age and skill level. Choose your favourite activity or use this opportunity to try something completely new with guidance from our skilled counsellors.



Practice your bow and arrow skills in our archery pit! Our archery leader will teach you safe technique and aim as your practice hitting the bullseye.

This is an image of a girl practicing her archery skills at SMC.



Camp leaders will teach baking skills while preparing cookies, brownies, muffins or cupcakes. Each camper attending this activity will also get to sample the final creation!

This is an image of a child grating cheese while learning how to make at SMC.



Use one of our new bikes to tour around our 100-acre property in a small group with three of our counsellors. The biking leader will take you on a ride through the woods on one of our beautiful trails.

This is a picture a girl riding a bike at SMC.



We have 10 canoes available for campers to use with a counsellor’s assistance. The pond is full of fish, frogs, turtles, and other aquatic life. Whether you are racing against your friends or seeing how many turtles you can spot, it’s always a blast! The popular canoeing activity is always supervised by two trained lifeguards.

This is a picture of children enjoying themselves on a canoe at SMC.



Time to get creative! In the pavillion, our Crafts Coordinator will guide you through making the craft of the day. Whether it’s working with clay, beads, paint or gimp, this is a great way to make a memory that you can bring home to remind you of your time at SMC!

This is a picture of a handmade cross, a craft created at SMC.



Who says worshipping God is just about singing? Come to this activity and experience how you can worship God through dance. Campers will work throughout the week with our dance leader to learn a choreographed dance routine to perform at our talent show on Friday night!

This is am image of a camp counselor teaching campers a choreographed dance routine.



Time to practice your acting skills! In drama, you will have the opportunity to play a variety of improv games. If you enjoy drama or acting, this is an activity you definitely won’t want to miss!

Here is a child practicing acting and learning improv games at SMC.

High Ropes

High Ropes

Once a week, we give the oldest two boys and girls cabins the opportunity to challenge themselves on our high ropes course. This activity is led by our trained and certified high ropes staff. It is an awesome way for campers to get outside their comfort zones and try something new in an encouraging environment!

Here is a child on the high ropes course at SMC.

Low Ropes

Low Ropes

Once a week, the two oldest boys and girls cabins participate in team-building activities on our low ropes course. Campers work together to learn leadership, teamwork and problem solving skills along with their counsellors.

Here are children learning teamwork, leadership, and problem solving skills while using the low ropes course at SMC.



Learn photography techniques with our Audio-Visual Coordinator! In this activity, campers take a guided tour of camp with one of our digital cameras. At the end of the week, they will get to take home a few of their best pictures!

This is a child taking a picture and learning about photography while at SMC.



This is an activity for people who love games! Play creative, planned games including variations of dodgeball, relay races, and capture the flag.

This is a image of children playing a game with a ball at SMC.



During this activity, you could participate in sports like badminton, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, tennis or, always the favourite, basketball. At SMC, we have a wonderful basketball court, a baseball diamond, and a large soccer field to play on.

This is an image of children playing basketball at SMC.



During morning activities, we offer swimming lessons in our large pool with a trained lifeguard. We also have an hour of free swim every afternoon, which most campers love! Safety is a priority for us, so every free swim is supervised by at least 4 trained lifeguards. We also make sure that every child allowed in the deep end area has passed our deep end test with two trained lifeguards.

Here is an instructor teaching children swimming lessons at SMC.

Wall Climbing

Wall Climbing

Campers of all ages have the opportunity to choose the wall climbing activity led by our trained and certified staff. Our 50 foot climbing wall is situated on the largest hill on camp property. If you make it to the top, you will experience an amazing view of the entire camp. On clear days, you can even see the CN tower!

Here is a child climbing a 50ft wall at part of wall climbing activity at SMC.



Take a walking tour of camp and observe the wide array of vegetation and animal life on our property! In this activity, you might build a shelter, go bird watching, pick berries or make s’mores. The wilderness activity is an amazing opportunity to experience everything our beautiful property has to offer.

Here are children observing and investigating nature at SMC.



In this activity, you get to participate in a variety of science experiments! Although the activities change every summer, past “x-periments” have been coke bottle rockets, paper airplane competitions, slime-making, and more.

This is a girl hold up her slime experiment at SMC.


Camping at night.

7:30AM – WAKE UP!

Yes, it’s early, but you can’t miss any time when at camp. Get up and get ready for the day!


Gather in the barn dining hall for morning devotions and enjoy a delicious breakfast with your cabin.


This is the time where we focus on God through worshipping Him in song. We have a band that consists of a drummer, a keyboardist, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, a lead singer, and several backup vocalists. What a great way to start the day!


The youngest campers (the three youngest boys and girls cabins) meet in the basement of the lodge, and the oldest campers (the three oldest boys and girls cabins) meet in the Chapel to learn about God. Our Bible lesson teachers use skits, videos, object lessons, and interactive activities to teach about God’s love and the truths of the Gospel.

10:30AM – ACTIVITY 1

The youngest and oldest campers choose to participate in one of the three activities offered for their age group. These activities, including biking, crafts, sports, and canoeing, are all led and supervised by our counsellors and trained staff.


This is a time to relax and play in our park area. This time is also an opportunity to play games like Gaga ball, 9 square, tetherball, or basketball at the courts.

11:45AM – ACTIVITY 2

Like activity 1, youngest and oldest campers can choose one of three new activities offered for their age group. Be sure to participate with enthusiasm! Activity leaders give out awards at the end of the week to the top oldest and youngest campers who display a good attitude, great sportsmanship, skill and regular attendance at each activity.

The Story of the Bible

In the midst of all the fun that happens at camp, one of the most important reasons why Scott Mission Camp exists is to share the love of God with all those we serve in the summer. We seek to do this through our words and actions, through Bible lessons, and through times of devotion each evening in the cabins.

The Bible is God’s primary way of revealing Himself to humans, so we seek to present God’s Word to kids in a way they can understand. If you are curious about the Bible, check out this great video called “The Story of the Bible.”

Camper’s FAQS

Does Scott Mission Camp Have A Ton Of Crummy Rules And Restrictions I Am Going To Have To Follow?

Not really. We want you to have a great time at camp, so we don’t have too many rules to stop you from having a fun time. However, to keep everyone at camp safe, you will have to follow these simple rules found here!

What Am I Not Allowed To Bring To Camp?

We do not allow campers to bring cell phones, cigarettes, alcohol, or any illegal substances. Also, any weapons or objects that places other campers or staff in danger must be left at home. It is also a bad idea to bring money to camp. Don’t worry, you won’t need it!

What Happens At Scott Mission Camp During The School Year?

During the school season, we hold reunions for campers who attended SMC in the summer. The property is also used by the Scott Mission for retreats and, at other times, we rent the facilities to outside organizations.

What Kinds of Activities Will I Do At Camp?

At SMC, you will be able to participate in a variety of activities including biking, canoeing, swimming, drama, dance, archery, crafts, wall climbing and more! Our two oldest boys and girls cabins have the opportunity to participate in high ropes and low ropes activities. They will also spend one special “out-trip” night in our back meadow camping area with their own campfire organized by our program team and counsellors.

What Should I Bring To Camp?

Be sure to bring: bedding (such as a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets), a pillow, a towel (for showers and/or swimming), a bathing suit , close-toed shoes shorts, t-shirts, long pants, a coat (for rainy days) a warm sweater, underwear, socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

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