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Thank You for Being a Lifeline for Toronto’s Youth!

By May 27, 2021May 30th, 2024No Comments

The Scott Mission is a vital resource for children and teens, ensuring not only that they have the food they need to thrive, but also feeding their faith and encouraging personal growth so they can achieve everything their hearts and minds are capable of.

When COVID-19 caused Scott Mission Camp to be cancelled for the first time in its history, and threatened after-school and leadership programs, staff adapted to find ways to continue virtually anchoring young people to God’s love and to mentors and friends at the Mission.

One of our leaders, Christian, says the virtual outreaches were incredibly impactful—for him and for the youth. “One of my highlights during the pandemic was having the wonderful opportunity to facilitate leadership training. Seeing their eagerness to learn and grow encouraged me to nurture my faith and relationship with the Lord. It also enabled me to be honest, open, and direct with them when teaching or sharing. The more I opened up, the more they opened up as well.

“At one time, I had a youth share some difficulties he had been going through and sought for advice and prayer. These sorts of moments developed a deeper trust and relationship between the youth and me. This is why I enjoy being part of Scott Mission and always look forward to what God has in store for not just me, but for the lives of the youth we work with.”

Thank you for your support again this summer to reach children whose lives have been filled with isolation and uncertainty since COVID-19 began. Your partnership will help our young people develop character, grow in their faith, and equip them to make choices that will put them on a better path this summer—and for life!