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New Look, Same Mission—Serving People in Need for 81 Years

By May 10, 2022May 30th, 2024No Comments

Scott Mission continues to do the work it always has. We never walk by someone in need. Instead, we offer help—just as the Good Samaritan did. We share Christ’s mercy and love with those in need, looking at each person, each client, through the eyes of Jesus.

And, as we walk into the future together, we will do more, help more people, and welcome all!

About Our New Logo

Our previous logo was an illustration of the Good Samaritan stopping to help someone who was in great need (Luke 10:25-37)—someone who had been ignored by many other travellers who did not offer to help.

Offering help and hope to others who are suffering is still our mission, and it will always be so . . .

But our new look goes even further to symbolize our ongoing commitment to offer redemptive and restorative outreach to everyone in need of help and hope. The logo is in the shape of the letter “S” for Scott and calls to mind a stained-glass window with geometric circular forms. By contrast, the negative space subtly depicts the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins so we could have life to the full (John 10:10).

The colours journey from grey to a rich blue to reflect a life transformed as it moves into fullness, security, and potential. The colour yellow evokes a sense of enlightenment. Much like the sun, it is a symbol of growth, passion, and health. The blue represents stability, confidence, wisdom, and faith.

To all of us here at Scott Mission, our new look says this is a sacred place, which allows for people from all walks of life to be included—and for their stories to be told as an inspiration for others. Just as a stained-glass window shines a light into the house of God, our prayer is that Scott Mission reflects God’s mercy and love to everyone who comes through our doors or supports the important work we do each day.

The Growing Need of Our Neighbours

Just as the pandemic and shifting economy have impacted us all, Scott Mission has shifted and evolved in helping the most vulnerable among us—the hungry and homeless. But the last few years have seen heightened hunger and homelessness among families and individuals, many of whom have never had to ask for help before.

Through our food bank, the O’Connor Family Centre, and other outreach opportunities, Scott Mission is sharing more help and hope with people who are teetering on the brink of homelessness than ever before in our history. We are also adding and growing life-transformational ministries through clinical counselling, case management, support and recovery groups, Bible studies, and more.

As we expand the ways we can help those who are hurting in our community, our new look is a reflection of our commitment to do all we can for others!

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