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Our New Hub

By November 24, 2022May 30th, 2024No Comments

We recently met a woman named Lillian at our food bank on Spadina Avenue. She lives with her two small children, and after countless stops and more than two hours on public transportation, she makes her way to Scott Mission so she can get food for her family. Over two hours each way!

Lillian isn’t alone. Chioma, a single mother with three kids, travels an hour and a half each way to come to the Mission. She says, “I wasn’t getting what I needed at the food bank that was close to me, so I come to Scott Mission. I’m so grateful because I get a lot – fruits and veggies too. I do it for my kids.”

Another food bank client says, “It’s quite a distance from where I live, but I come to the Scott Mission because I feel safe. The staff treated me with dignity, and I felt respected. The groceries we received were always good, which my family enjoyed. I’m grateful for your help.”

There are hundreds of others who spend hours of their day traveling to Scott Mission to receive help with food, clothing, and other resources they need. These men and women are often hourly employees who don’t have that kind of “extra” time in their day. But because their need is so great, they go to whatever lengths and do what’s necessary to put food on their tables. 

Would you consider partnering with us to help the ever-increasing number of mothers we meet, like Lillian and Chioma? Many of our neighbours are in great need, and we are compelled and committed to serve them directly in their communities. The hours of travel to get the food they need to feed their families should not be another obstacle they have to overcome in their lives. 

To address hunger and homelessness directly within communities in the GTA, Scott Mission has purchased a new location to serve as our centralized Hub of operations. This building will allow us to deliver meals, groceries, family services, counselling, and more directly into outlying neighbourhoods, laying the foundation for a better future for generations to come.

We’re asking for your support to help build a $500,000 Matching Challenge Fund in support of our new facility. Your gift will be DOUBLED in the spring when all our other donors are inspired by your generosity and choose to give to the Matching Challenge in support of our Hub. Whether you give $1,000 or $10,000, your support will help address hunger and homelessness directly within communities in the GTA.

“We have many community members who are in a similar situation and it’s difficult to hear that they have to travel so far just to get support with basic needs. This is why I’m so glad that we’re going to have another location to serve our community in the west end of Toronto.”
-Cynthia, Manager of Scott Mission’s Welcome Centre

Thank you for giving now to make a double impact in sharing God’s love and restoring hope in our communities!

For additional information or questions, contact Nathalie at or 647-333-7689.