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Your Support is an important investment in our children!

By February 13, 2023May 30th, 2024No Comments

*photo changed for privacy

“The year Scott Mission Camp was back”—that’s how boys and girls across Toronto will remember 2022.

The pandemic caused Scott Mission Camp to be cancelled in 2020, plunging many of our children and teens into painful isolation. The following year saw programs reopen, though many were on a smaller scale as they evolved from virtual to in-person.

Someone who understands how much our youth missed out on is one of Scott Mission’s current Child and Youth workers, Gabbie. She was just 6 years old when she went to Scott Mission Camp for the first time. The impact of the experience was transformative, and she didn’t miss a summer camp for the next 10 years.

“Scott Mission Camp was the place to be,” Gabbie says with a smile. “I would count down the whole year waiting to go to camp. I was so excited. Just to learn about God, to feel loved and accepted.”

As a teen, Gabbie honed her leadership skills by participating in our Foundations Program, later leading the program as a staff member. Which in turn, impacted younger kids coming to camp and after-school programs. Having grown up attending, Gabbie fully understands the impact youth ministry can have on the kids in her program. “Because of my time at Camp, I went from being a shy kid who didn’t believe in herself to now leading a team of people who are impacting the next generation.”

Thank you for supporting Scott Mission Camp and other programs and outreach to help young people grow in their faith and learn new skills that will benefit their futures!

“I would count down the whole year waiting to go to Scott Mission Camp. Just to learn about God, to feel loved and accepted . . .” —Gabbie

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