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The Hub Serves More Under-Resourced Communities

Together, we are expanding Scott Mission’s reach to efficiently and effectively respond to the growing need across the GTA.

By February 13, 2023May 30th, 2024No Comments

Many of our neighbours are finding help through Scott Mission’s 502 Spadina Avenue and O’Connor Family Centre locations. But other families and individuals travel great distances to access our critical services. We believe hours of travel to get the food someone needs to feed their family should not be another obstacle they have to overcome in their lives.

With the upcoming launch of Scott Mission’s new Hub and Spoke model, we can better meet needs within under-resourced communities and achieve innovative strategies to address hunger and homelessness, transforming the lives of countless neighbours. Partnerships with local churches and our existing locations across the city (spokes) served by one central distribution centre (the hub) will allow for this efficient expansion of services.

Scott Mission has purchased a new location to serve as our centralized hub of administration. This building will allow us to deliver meals, groceries, family services, counselling, and more directly into neighbourhoods, laying the foundation for a better future for generations to come. This facility will increase Scott Mission’s life-transforming outreach to vulnerable populations by:

  • Reducing lengthy travel times so neighbours in need can access critical services closer to home, allowing them more time for family, work, and other important activities.
  • Allowing us to build on our work with community-based partners to provide better support for more people.

Together, we are implementing creative ways to address hunger and homelessness, while also overcoming unnecessarily long travel times for basic resources. Thank you for supporting these important strategies that will transform the lives of our neighbours in great need within their communities across the GTA.

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