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Scott Mission Camp—an Oasis for Children and Youth

By May 5, 2023May 30th, 2024No Comments
Sannia recalls her first visit to Scott Mission Camp as peaceful and quiet.

Sannia is overjoyed to experience Scott Mission Camp again this summer.

“It’s just so peaceful and quiet,” she says.

“You take a break from all the cars honking, people speeding, and sirens.”

Sannia was just 13 when she got the chance to attend Scott Mission Camp for the first time, but the memory is just as sharp in her mind now. Those memories were a huge comfort to her when the pandemic shut down so many important outreaches to children and youth.

There were rustic wooden cabins, a lush forest, an endless list of activities, so many boys and girls to meet, and a rich, unforgettable introduction to God’s love . . .

“It was peaceful and quiet—a break from all the cars honking, people speeding, and sirens,” she says. “It was nerve-racking because it was my first time being so far away from home. But the staff really helped me with everything I needed to be set for the week and enjoy the time to the point where I was really sad to go home.”

It’s a common theme, Sannia says, for “newbies” or first-timers to have tears on the first day for leaving parents AND on the last day for leaving new friends.

To nervous youngsters coming to camp for the first time, Sannia knows just what to say. “I tell them not to worry because camp is such a fun thing, you won’t even think of going home. They fill your time with activities, there’s great food, and all this love and care. You know you’re safe with them because of the love they show you on a daily basis.”

Her camp experience has been so impactful that Sannia is hoping to join Scott Mission Camp’s Foundations Program and serve as a counsellor at future camps so she can influence others as she herself has been influenced. The counsellors, she says, “really make Scott Mission Camp feel like a home, and it wouldn’t be the same without them.”

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