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“I wanted to come back every single year. . .”

By May 5, 2023May 11th, 2023No Comments
Dickson loved camp so much he wanted to come back every single year.

Preparations are under way to ready Scott Mission Camp to host another life-transforming summer. Dickson says,

“I wanted to come back every single year. . .”

Dickson had no idea what Scott Mission Camp was going to be like. He was in sixth grade and says he was fully expecting NOT to like anything about the people or the experience.

Instead of a long list of everything he didn’t like, Dickson quickly formed a long list of favourite activities that included everything from biking and archery to Bible devotionals and working with younger children.

“When I first came to camp, I had a lot of anger issues I didn’t really know how to deal with. But I met a lot of people I could relate to, and there were counsellors there to talk to about my struggles,” Dickson says. “They were really open to talking with me about God, and they were genuinely there for me. I wanted to come back every single year after that.

“Scott Mission Camp is so beautiful and is just a truly special and blessed place,” Dickson says. “I had the time to grow spiritually that I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else. Camp is where I found God for myself. Camp helped me have a connection with Him.”

And as Dickson heads to college, he’s also grateful for the time he spent serving as a camp counsellor to give back and influence another generation of children and youth who are perhaps experiencing camp for the first time.

To all the donors who give to make Scott Mission Camp available to boys and girls who might otherwise never have the chance, Dickson is thankful. “You’re really donating to the future, to youth . . . that’s really good. I found community at camp, and through your donation, you’re helping somebody else find that, too.”

Children, youth, and teens like Dickson will build lifelong friendships while deepening their relationship with Christ at Scott Mission Camp. Thank you for giving generously again today so more boys and girls will have the opportunity to experience Scott Mission Camp this summer!