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Thank You for Supporting Scott Mission Camp!

By May 5, 2023May 30th, 2024No Comments
A family looking forward to another year of Scott Mission Camp.

I’m always excited to see our campers come through the entrance here at Scott Mission Camp! I’ll see lots of returning kids, and it’s so wonderful to see how they’ve grown—physically and spiritually! Then there are all the new campers who are often nervous because they don’t know what to expect . . . all the camp staff love to see how they are transformed after just one week!

I wish you could see for yourself how important Scott Mission Camp is for the children who get the chance to experience it. After a week at SMC, many of them immediately start counting the days until next year’s camp because it’s such an awesome experience. Our camp is a safe place filled with love, which is important because some of our kids come from challenging environments. Many of them have been negatively affected by the isolation and uncertainty of the pandemic. Most are city kids, but camp allows them to explore the woods, ride mountain bikes, rock climb, and more.

SMC is a place where a kid can just be a kid—and they know that. They get to talk with counsellors they like and respect as role models. They can talk through their feelings and challenging situations, while learning about God’s love and His plan for their lives.

This is a place where strong spiritual foundations and friendships are formed. I know this to be true because each year, I meet and hear from people who attended camp decades ago who have been greatly impacted by our camp program and cherish their camp memories.

I hope you will support Scott Mission Camp generously this year so more children and youth can experience our unforgettable summer camp. Thank you for standing with us to be there for children who may be at a critical crossroads in their young lives.

Cooper Stuckey
Camp Director, Scott Mission Camp

In 2022, Scott Mission Camp welcomed 240 children and youth, 27 youth participated in our Foundations Program and 95 campers were first-timers!