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“Scott Mission is a great place . . .”

By June 27, 2023May 30th, 2024No Comments

Summer break can be a hungry time for children who no longer have access to the meals they receive at school. Many parents who are barely getting by find it nearly impossible to stretch the food budget to afford all the extra meals.

Thanks to prayers and support from many caring friends, Scott Mission is the compassionate neighbour that families and individuals facing hunger urgently need. The food distributed at our food banks—through church partners and soon distributed directly within food-insecure communities—will continue to impact the health and well-being of people like Laura* who are struggling to afford food.

Laura heard Scott Mission is a special place filled with compassionate people who would share food and other basic necessities with neighbours in need. So for the sake of her children, she went to see for herself.

All she’d heard was true. From groceries to coats, and even helping with gifts for the little ones at Christmas, Laura was overwhelmed by the kindness of everyone she met.

“Scott Mission is a great place. They’re always helping everyone out, and they’ve been very, very helpful to me,” she says. “They gave me food and items for my kids. Sometimes, [affording] food is difficult. Being a single mom, it definitely takes a lot of the burden off me.

“When you have kids and you can’t get things, it can be very depressing. You want to give them certain things.”

Since her first visit, Laura’s life has changed significantly. “I recently graduated from college. I’m trying to better myself to give them a better life, too,” she says of her children.

While Laura is excited about the future, it’s a comfort to know she can get help from Scott Mission when she needs it.

Please make a gift now to help families like Laura’s who might otherwise not have access to the food they and their loved ones need this summer!

* Name and photo changed for privacy