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Homelessness can happen to anyone

By January 27, 2020March 1st, 2024No Comments

For some, homelessness starts with a lost job, an unexpected illness, or the death of a loved one. For others, it’s a “perfect storm” where several misfortunes happen at once, leaving a person without the resources to bounce back.

Thankfully, caring friends and donors make it possible for The Scott Mission to offer meals, safe refuge, and more to neighbours like Sam* when disaster strikes!

Sam came through The Scott Mission doors on the worst day of his life. He was without a job, hungry, and homeless.

He’d never been to a shelter before and had no idea what our staff might think of him or what they might say. He worried we would charge him for a meal when he had nothing in his pockets . . . that we would tell him to move along when he had nowhere to go but a freezing park bench.

Instead, Sam was welcomed warmly and offered a plate of good hot food . . .

Over that first meal, we prayed with Sam—and for him. He was amazed by these simple kindnesses, and tears came to his eyes when we assured him the Mission would provide meals, shelter from Toronto’s freezing streets, and help in getting back on his feet.

Sam is getting the help he needs and will soon be working and living independently. He’s made friends and has experienced a deepening of his faith. “The Scott Mission’s Bible studies are great,” he says. “We get together and read.”

Although it’s been a difficult time in his life, Sam is grateful for the experience and is deeply thankful to donors who support The Scott Mission. He says, “Thank you for giving to the Mission. It’s a really good place, and it’s important when you really need help with housing and food. There are a lot of people in need, and your donation is very important.”

With extreme winter weather bearing down on Toronto, more neighbours are in need than ever! Please make a gift now to provide meals, help, and hope . . .

*Name and photo changed for privacy