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“I really appreciate The Scott Mission and the donors!” —Maria

By March 2, 2020March 1st, 2024No Comments

Maria’s first thought was, “No. I don’t want help.

But like so many people in the greater Toronto area, her income was often stretched beyond her capacity to feed her family once the rent and utilities were paid. So she took the advice of her sister and walked through The Scott Mission’s doors . . .

The kindness of staff and volunteers was a huge comfort to Maria, giving her assistance with everything from groceries to Christmas gifts for her children!

Even Maria’s son could see the visible relief on her face once she’d returned with much-needed groceries in hand. “It was all really helpful for me and my kids. They’re happy, and it was good to know they would have a gift at Christmas.

“I really appreciate The Scott Mission and the donors,” Maria says with a smile. “Thank you for giving back. You’ve been a friend to someone you don’t know, and I’m grateful for that.”

Please make a gift now so The Scott Mission can help more struggling women and families across Toronto get the extra help they need!


  • 32,089 bags of groceries distributed
  • 22,646 clothing appointments
  • Over 2,600 grocery gift cards and hampers at Christmas
  • New toys for 1,900 children at Christmas
  • New back-to-school backpacks and supplies for over 250 children