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“How will I feed my children?”

By August 4, 2020March 1st, 2024No Comments

Michel was close to despair. After paying the rent and bills, there was nothing left to buy food.

That’s when a friend told her about The Scott Mission. She told her the Mission would help her with food, clothes, and much more because they really care about families.

But as Michel came through the Mission doors for the first time, she wondered if it was true that she really could get help with groceries—and possibly even a coat or warm clothes for her little ones.

She was amazed when staff greeted her like an old friend, expressing interest and concern in the challenges she was facing. They prayed with her before loading her up with enough food to last a week or more, along with warm coats for her children, and an invitation to come back when she needs to!

Michel was even more amazed to learn that support from caring friends and donors is the reason she can count on the Mission for help whenever her needs are too great. And she was moved to tears to discover your support also stocks the shelves of our Christmas Toy Store to ensure her children have a gift to open on Christmas.

“It’s so nice to have help,” Michel says with a broad smile. “Everyone here is so friendly . . . and I don’t have money to spend to put presents under the tree, so I feel really happy about that.”

Not a day goes by that Michel doesn’t give thanks for everyone who supports The Scott Mission, which has been a lifeline for her family. “I really appreciate people who make the effort to donate,” she says. “Thank you so much for the help!”

Use this special Thanksgiving Meal Ticket to help families who have been devastated by COVID-19. Every $4.25 you give provides a meal to neighbours who are battling hunger, homelessness, and unemployment!