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Robert was facing homelessness . . .

By August 4, 2020March 1st, 2024No Comments

Work has been hard to find for many people in the Toronto area, especially in the wake of the coronavirus that devastated so many businesses.

But Robert’s challenges were multiplied by serious health issues. And although he was on the mend, he was still facing hunger and homelessness when he first came through the Mission doors.

Robert vividly remembers his first visit to The Scott Mission. “I stopped into the Mission for a meal. Everybody was quite wonderful. I felt very welcomed.

“The meals were hot and nutritious, and they were meals I couldn’t afford to cook myself. They gave me the nourishment I needed to heal up.”

Facing homelessness, Robert was deeply moved when the Mission also offered him safe shelter. “They’ve taken me in and helped me out in amazing ways,” he says. “If not for The Scott Mission, I’d probably be on the street. I hate to think about what I might be forced to do to try to survive and get some food in my mouth.”

With his most basic needs met, Robert was able to look ahead and work toward rebuilding his life. “Before the injuries, I’d done everything from corporate work to construction. Now, I want to do things that have meaning. It’s so easy to knock a man down, but I’m more impressed by those who lift people up, like The Scott Mission does.

“I just want to say thank you very much for everything you’ve done—not just to help me, but to help everybody here. God bless. Thank you.”

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