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“This is a big help in a time of need . . .”

By January 8, 2021May 30th, 2024No Comments

Ana’s family was making ends meet, but life underwent radical changes when she became a single mother. Suddenly, there just wasn’t enough of her paycheque left to feed her children. So, she turned to The Scott Mission for help and hope . . .

Ana learned that The Scott Mission is a place where a frightened mother can get a meal or bag of groceries, diapers and formula, a warm coat, and prayers from people who really care about their neighbours.

“Being a single mom is quite different . . . difficult, too. Don’t make me cry,” Ana said, blinking back the tears.

“The Scott Mission is a big help in times of need, especially now that I’m a single mom.

“COVID-19 has affected me—all of us. But I’m blessed because I still have a job in spite of the pandemic. People who lost their jobs are more affected than me! The Scott Mission really helps us all.”

Although she and her family are still facing many challenges, Ana is truly thankful for the food and encouragement she is receiving—all of it made possible through support from the Mission’s caring friends and donors.

She says, “I’m praying for the Mission’s donors, praying they will be blessed and that they will continue to support people who are in need—especially at this global time of crisis. I’d like to tell the donors that they’re helping a lot of people.”

Please share a gift today to help The Scott Mission reach struggling families with meals and groceries, clothing, and other basic necessities, plus the tools and spiritual guidance they need to live independently and with confidence.