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“I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done . . .”

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Like many people across Toronto, Ryan* was hungry when he came through The Scott Mission’s doors. Work had been scarce, and his rent was so high that there was often nothing left for groceries. And a series of surgeries made life even more challenging. But the anxiety and hopelessness he felt were soon replaced by the compassion, camaraderie, and spiritual support he found at the Mission.

“I first came here because I have disabilities and was seeing a doctor across the street,” Ryan says. “It’s Toronto, so it’s very tight for rent. There are a lot of times I’ve been short.

“I stopped in for a meal, and everyone was quite wonderful. I felt very welcomed and the meals were hot and nutritious—meals I couldn’t afford to cook myself.”

The gift of that first $4.25 meal from a friend like you came with prayer and warm fellowship. And it made a huge and lasting impression on Ryan. He realized then that God loves him and that neighbours like you care.

“I hate to think where I would be without The Scott Mission,” Ryan says. “I would probably be on the street, trying to survive, trying to get some food.”

Ryan knows that the Mission relies on support from caring friends and donors to continue offering meals, safe refuge, clothes, and the tools to heal and rebuild. That’s why he is looking ahead to the day when he, too, can help people who are hungry, hurting, and homeless.

“They’ve helped me out in amazing ways, and I’ve met the most amazing people. My plan is to come back here and volunteer,” he says. “I just want to say thank you for everything you’ve done to help me and everybody here. God bless. Thank you.”

On behalf of the many families and individuals who turn to The Scott Mission for help and hope each day, please give a gift now to share hope with neighbours in need this Christmas!

*Name Changed for Privacy