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Shelter is the First Step: Expanding Shelter Services to 24/7

By March 21, 2022May 30th, 2024No Comments
Abel, from The Scott Mission

For eight decades, Scott Mission has offered safe shelter to men who had no choice but to sleep on our city streets. It’s an incredible gift to receive a bed, shower, hot meal, clothes, and compassion when you have nowhere else to turn.

In response to the incredible need wrought by the lingering pandemic, Scott Mission expanded shelter services to be available 24/7. Having a place to turn in a time of crisis is a great blessing to people who are suffering . . . like Abel.*

Scott Mission was a beacon of hope for him during a season when hunger and homelessness had driven him to despair.

“They gave me shelter and helped me and others get on our feet. The shelter and Bible study were very helpful,” he says.

Hundreds of people turn to the Mission each day for a meal, safe shelter, warm clothes, and other basic necessities. Each one is deeply thankful for friends and donors who care. As Abel says, “God bless Scott Mission’s donors. We pray and thank God for them.”

Please share another gift today so Scott Mission can continue to provide meals, clothing, spiritual healing, counseling, and more for people who are hungry, hurting, homeless, and without hope.

*Name and photo changed for privacy
**Correction from print: In 2021, 146K is the number of meals YOU helped provide throughout the year, not each month.


Your kind support provides urgent needs services and the tools to rebuild. Thank you for meeting the needs of so many families and individuals through

  • 14,600 nights of shelter for homeless men
  • 126,137 hot, nutritious meals
  • 34,889 orders of groceries
  • Over 10,545 visits for clothing