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A Letter From Camp: Thank You For Changing Lives This Summer

By May 24, 2022May 30th, 2024No Comments

Preparations are underway to welcome children and youth to a life-changing week at Scott Mission Camp. This is an especially important time because, for so many of the young campers headed our way, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a strain on them socially and emotionally. For many, it has also impacted their mental health.

Each year, we meet campers and hear the stories of hardship they face. One heartfelt story is from a young man who came to camp to get a way from his difficult home life and from the influences of “friends” who were getting him into more trouble every day. However, even though he wanted to be at camp, he was having difficulty connecting with people or getting up the energy to participate in activities. Then on worship night, he asked someone to pray with him. After this, the change in this young man’s spirit was noticeable. He left Scott Mission Camp with a big smile, bright eyes, and new friends. He was filled with confidence, knowing God’s love was always with him . . . even as he went back home.

This is why I hope you’ll help make this summer even better than the last. When you give the incredible gift of camp to children who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity, you’re giving them the chance to experience life outside the city, to grow in leadership, and to build a relationship with God. Your gift provides that opportunity for campers to receive mentorship from our staff, to develop spiritual maturity, and to build a strong, supportive community around them. These things are life-changing, as we have witnessed over and over again. So, thank you for partnering with us now and investing in our campers, many of whom are at critical crossroads in their lives!

Christy Janssens
Camp Director, Scott Mission Camp