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Grocery Support Helps Struggling Families: “You help families—a lot!”

By June 23, 2022May 30th, 2024No Comments

Thanks to caring supporters, the food banks at Scott Mission and O’Connor Family Centre are directly increasing the health and well-being of families with children and other individuals who are struggling to afford food.

In the wake of the pandemic, many households are still grappling to get caught up on their finances as they try to find a balance in paying rent and bills or buying groceries. “Money is low at the end of the month,” Tatiana says. “And food is very expensive right now in the stores. So it helps to come over here.

“My income is very low, so it’s better to get a little help,” she says. “Every household needs eggs, bread, and milk . . . a little bit at least.”

Martha, another neighbour who sometimes receives help with groceries, agrees. “The type of groceries you provide are very good. They’re very healthy.”

Scott Mission has been feeding the hungry for decades and added a second food bank at the O’Connor Family Centre in 2013. This outreach is a huge help for neighbours who are facing hunger, giving them access to nutritious food at no cost to them—including fresh fruit and produce, dairy products, meats, and shelf-stable items.

Receiving help with groceries takes a huge burden of worry off of a parent, senior citizen, or other person who is experiencing a difficult time, and it eliminates the need to make an impossible choice between paying rent or buying food.

Martha has these words of thanks to share with Scott Mission donors: “Thank you so much for everything you’ve given. You help families—a lot!”

Thank you for making a gift now to help neighbours like Tatiana and Martha, who might otherwise not have the nutritious food they and their loved ones need this summer!

“Food is very expensive right now in the stores. So it helps to come over here.” —Tatiana, a grateful neighbour

2021 Stats:

34,889 grocery orders filled
126,137 hot meals served
(breakfasts, lunches, shelter dinners)