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Let’s hear it for MOMS!

By August 1, 2023August 3rd, 2023No Comments

Scott Mission’s Family Camp is a life-giving oasis for Toronto’s vulnerable moms and their children.

With locations strategically located across the GTA, Scott Mission is Toronto’s compassionate neighbour – a social services mission grounded in the Christian values of love and mercy.

We have always been here for Toronto’s families.

Now in its 19th year, Family Camp is an extension of Scott Mission Camp that exists to serve families in need. Every year, the final week of the Scott Mission Camp season in Caledon, is reserved for moms and their kids!

Nana Abraham, Manager of Program Development says,

“As far back as the 1970s, moms of campers would come up to Scott Mission Camp and stay in the same cabins as their children. Back then, the program was informal, and we could only serve a few families”.

In 2004, Scott Mission officially established Family Camp for moms to help them build stronger relationships with their kids. These families cannot afford vacations, so camp is a way for moms, usually single parents, to enjoy a refreshing time with their children – away from home. Family Camp gives families an opportunity to be encouraged spiritually while having fun in a welcoming and peaceful camp environment.

Effie volunteers at Scott Mission and visits the food bank with her two daughters. During a session with counsellor Hannah Huerto, Effie learned about Family Camp and was invited to attend camp for the first time last year.

“My children have never been on a vacation before, so last year was deeply meaningful for us,” says Effie.

Fabiola learned about Family Camp while visiting the community garden at our O’Connor Family Center in Scarborough. This year Fabiola and her two children will enjoy camp for a second time.

“It is such a blessing,” says Fabiola. “I recommend family camp for all the moms. I know that a lot of moms like me really need the week away from stress to walk in the sun and see the trees and the water. It’s wonderful to be a family at camp without the everyday cares for one week.”

Nyteriah comes from a multi-generational family who attended Family Camp.

“My family has a long history of coming to Scott Mission,” she says. “My grandma used to bring my mom and my aunts.”

Last year Nyteriah and her daughter enjoyed their first visit to camp and they are excited to return this year.

“We loved it,” she says. “It is so helpful to connect with other moms and to share our similar experiences and struggles.”

Programs like Family Camp are life-giving and transformational for all involved, but we can only continue to run these programs thanks to the support of caring and generous donors like YOU.

Thank you for supporting Scott Mission Camp over the years. YOU can help us bring more moms and kids to Family Camp by making a donation to Scott Mission today.