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David’s Story – An Update

By November 12, 2023June 28th, 2024No Comments

Earlier this year we shared with you the story of David, a man who came to Scott Mission’s shelter. He had lost his girlfriend, then a dear friend to cancer, and then he lost his apartment. At 69, overwhelmed and facing homelessness, suicide seemed the only solution.

After years of working in customer service he had retired and was living on a fixed income. He had sought treatment for his clinical depression but had trouble with certain administrative tasks like keeping up with mail, taxes, and anxiety talking on the phone. After missing a few payments, he fell behind on his rent and couldn’t make up the difference. He was told he’d have to leave his apartment.

Thankfully, he wasn’t alone. His extended family found him, helped him move out and put his possessions in storage, and helped him find Scott Mission’s Shelter—a place where he found safe refuge. Through the supports that are offered from our Case Management team, Counsellors and shelter, David found the help he needed. 

We are happy to report that with the help of Scott Mission’s support services and donors like you, this Fall he was able to find an apartment that he can afford and meets his needs. He is now able to live independently and is grateful for the help he received.


“I’ll tell you one thing” David says. “I thank God for Scott Mission. Without them, I don’t know where I would be.”

It is because of the compassion and generosity of donors like YOU that we are able to provide emergency services and life-transforming programs at Scott Mission.

Thank You!