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International Women’s Day 2022

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Women Leaders at Scott Mission

Christy Morrow

Chief Development Officer

Every single person on this earth has a God-given talent; it’s tragic to me when we people aren’t encouraged to develop their abilities. Many, many women are born leaders and the world will be a better, richer, healthier place when women take their seats at the decision-making table.

My mom is an incredible woman. I’ve always looked up to her and admired her clear-mindedness and discipline.

Find your people; they’re the ones who encourage you to stretch yourself and who believe in you. Work for feminist leaders. Surround yourself with people who are way smarter than you. Invest in yourself. Be curious.

Suzi VanderSpek

Board Chair

I have had the privilege of having so many wonderful women and mentors in my life. My mother and her sisters, in particular, have been a major source of support and inspiration to me. They were amazing professional women who deliberately invested in me. They were cheerleaders for me! They supported me, talked to me and shared their wisdom through all the different stages of my life. I think of them when life gets overwhelming and I need to feel grounded and balanced – I reflect on their lives and what I’ve learned from them along the way.

Women need to be in leadership because the world needs women! Women have unique gifts and perspectives and they have a great way of bringing them out in their teams. Leadership is an opportunity for women to bring their talents into the public sphere. I believe that all people benefit when we can witness women bringing themselves forward in the service of others.

Surround yourself with wonderful women! Love and admire them. Be supported and mentored by them. Friendship and relationship with other women is just so good for the soul. Other women inspire us, support us and understand us. I believe that it is so important for our day to day journeys for women to grow together.

Nana Abraham

Manager of Children, Youth and Camp

Women are insightful, graceful and hardworking they bring a different set of skills and needed process to what they do.

The women who have shaped who I am today include my mother, Harriet Tubman, and my mentors. I’ve been inspired and learned something unique from each woman who took time to be present for me in my life.

Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Prioritize your health and rest.

Cynthia Laton

Manager of Welcome Centre

Be yourself, your authenticity is your strength – be you.

I am blessed and thankful for my god-fearing mother, who taught me to love and fear God. I’m also grateful for all the women leaders I worked with, who mentored me, walked alongside me, and empowered me to be confident. They encouraged me and brought correction in my life.

Strong women leaders enjoy being role models for the next generation. They focus on developing others and making a real and lasting difference in our world.

Sera Rousalis

HR Director – Staff Development & Training

My Mom and Grandmothers influenced me the most: Elaine, Annie and Sofia.

All three women were, in their own ways, wise, very creative, courageous, tactful, leaders in their own spheres, women of perseverance, compelled to care for others in their path. Most importantly, they each had a deep faith in Jesus that was life to them.

Elaine Markovic and Annie Zeidman (Co-Founder of The Scott Mission) were the predominant female influencers in my life. They especially helped shape my world view: my Christian perspective in service especially.

All of the women in my life were fairly progressive for the era each grew and lived in. Never once was I made to feel that, as a Christian woman, I could not achieve my full potential in a landscape of predominantly male leadership. I was never made to feel “second” because of my femaleness.

I was also blessed to have a father, uncles, Grandfathers, Priests and Pastors who believed their daughters, nieces and granddaughters could be whatever they were called to be; whether traditional and (at that time) non-traditional roles in Christian service. Men and women were recognized by their character, willingness to serve and use of gifts and talents.

My Mother and Grandmother showed me the importance of “connecting” with people (including gentle and gracious connections with those from very different world views) and that made all the difference in their ministry: people knew that they were loved and knew the Source of their love was God.

I was taught that practical service is critical if you ever want to minister authentically: “Do not preach if you are not also willing to serve” was very much ingrained in me.

I learned there is always room (and necessity) for laughter, creativity, and a cup of tea. I learned the power of the written word, the importance of the arts as another expression of our emotional and spiritual connections with God and others.

Hosting people well and often was important; listening and serving anyone in need (and those not in need) creates a sense of belonging.

As a girl filled with ideals, ideas and zeal, I learned from a very patient mother, the power of forgiveness, “showing up” and “standing up” at the right hour and the power of well-timed humour – her example still speaks to me today and I see God’s wisdom in her as I get older.”

Lucila Kunaseelan

Team Leader – Operations

Women see things differently, therefore we have the ability to approach things differently. We are naturally caring, and often bring a motherly aspect to situations.

For me the woman who has impacted me the most is my oldest sister. She really sacrificed a lot and her strength in faith and caring for her sisters and the way she supports me.

Be strong, don’t give up. You are stronger than you actually think. You are important. The world needs your contribution.